Friday, December 31, 2010

A great day to end the year...

Today is a good day. Not only will we be welcoming in the new year tonight but it is the first day in twelve days that I have felt like myself. Thanks to the wonders of amoxicilin, I am on my way back to normal.

With that said, I feel like having some fun. I think lunch ( a huge one since I have not eaten my share of holiday deliciousness because I have been sick) and a movie. Then it will be friends and fun tonight to ring in the new year.

Like others I know, 2010 has indeed been a great year. Graduation. Marriage. Watching all my best friends getting married. Setting up my first home. My first teaching job. My second teaching job (long story). My first Christmas with my husband. My first White Christmas. It's been a pretty good year but something tells me that 2011 will have some wonderful things in store for us as well.

Until next year....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Good Life

So we decided we needed some pictures on the blog. So here are some pictures . . . for the blog.

Riding on "Snowflake's" sleigh at Fantasy in Lights

Our hard fought Christmas Tree 

Cooking some Kebabs

Our stockings and Christmas Village

The Tree!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Good Times!!!

So it has been six months since Kayla and I got married already. I really cannot believe that times has flown by so fast. Tonight we went out for a nice dinner, and probably a little too expensive wine, but we had fun. We talked about how we feel that the first six months have been so easy. Not that this really surprises us, just that we were prepared for something a little more rough. I think the secret has been give and take, as well as good coffee. We know one another so well and whenever we get into a disagreement we "normally" are able to see things from the other side. Marriage is never perfect but where is the adventure in a perfect life? Thank you Kayla to for being everything to me. On a separate note we are completely excited about sharing the weekend with friends!!!