Friday, December 31, 2010

A great day to end the year...

Today is a good day. Not only will we be welcoming in the new year tonight but it is the first day in twelve days that I have felt like myself. Thanks to the wonders of amoxicilin, I am on my way back to normal.

With that said, I feel like having some fun. I think lunch ( a huge one since I have not eaten my share of holiday deliciousness because I have been sick) and a movie. Then it will be friends and fun tonight to ring in the new year.

Like others I know, 2010 has indeed been a great year. Graduation. Marriage. Watching all my best friends getting married. Setting up my first home. My first teaching job. My second teaching job (long story). My first Christmas with my husband. My first White Christmas. It's been a pretty good year but something tells me that 2011 will have some wonderful things in store for us as well.

Until next year....

1 comment:

  1. it has been a good year indeed!

    being sick does suck though. ben and i had awful colds together starting the day after i got out of school. its just disgusting.