Monday, September 13, 2010

Ramblings of the Mind

So I have been wanting to post about this for a few days but wanted to be able to find the words. I still don't have them but I really need to post so here it goes.

Music has always been an intricate and incredibly strong part of my life. I spent too much time venerating the music when I was younger and I remember when I became a believer how amazing and deep worship could be. Music had a way of bridging the gap between God and I. Over the past four years I feel that I have essentially lost my ability to go deep in worship. I suppose Bible College can do that to you. But about two weeks ago I was having my quiet time and I just couldn't get into prayer. (3:40am) So I left the house a little frustrated. In the car going to work I started listening to the new Dashboard album. (don't judge me)

The first song on the album is called Get Me Right. The song is a story about brokenness and redemption. I'm not trying to pretend that any members of Dashboard are believers but this song is more honest about the struggle that we all have with sin than 90% of the "Christian" music today. I found myself more broken than I have been in over a year. I'll save you the lyrics here but it was refreshing to be reintroduced to the world outside my clean christian cage. I have grown tired of Max Lucado, Left Behind, Jesus fish, CCM, the American Flag in Church, and so many other things that have become part of Christendom. Its honestly sad that a some what whiny hipster band could seem more real to me than anything from my own Christian Sub-culture. What have we lost? Are we even real to the world outside our churches? No wonder we are losing relevance by the day. We have to reclaim our world, not through the Republican party, or Democratic party for that matter, but through our own lives. Tolstoy said, "people speak about changing the world but never themselves." We need to seek God in the forgotten places of our world. Seek to be transparent. Seek to be real.

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  1. yay dashboard (you had to see that coming..)

    but yeah. very true post. christian music, christian media too, is so often a shallow representation of reality. much like an episode of seventh heaven. whats the point, do we want non-believers to think that jesus fixes all our problems? yeah.. i don't get it.