Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Borrowing Inspiration

So, my assistant teacher and I have been brainstorming ways that we can raise money for our end of the year picnic. See we want to have this awesome picnic with snow cones, a bouncy thing, sack races; the whole works! My assistant is a baking queen who can make all kinds of things from fudge to brittle to cupcakes and cookies. This is her contribution to our fundraiser.

I started racking my brain to think of something that I could contribute. This is where my borrowing inspiration title comes in. My awesome best friend, Jordyn, has been selling all kinds of cute things in her etsy shop (you should check it out). This is where I found my inspiration. I only have seven girls in my class but all of them wear headbands and big flowers in their hair; hence my idea to make and sell girly cute headbands that my girls would see and beg their parents to buy. I have only had them in my class for two days and they have been a success. I am going to have to make some more this weekend. So, here are my first attempts at my own etsy-ish shop within my own classroom; don't judge too harshly, i am just starting.

Hope you enjoy. Off to a birthday dinner at the Melting Pot. I get to dress up which means that I will have another picture for my first week of WIWW(which is my case is what i wear weekends plus other random days). 

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  1. very cute!!!! i like the ones with the yo-yo's a lot!