Monday, February 21, 2011

MFT (My first Week)

This is my first week of My Favorite Things, so here it goes....

1. Tennis. Josh and I have recently become very interested in this sport. We have promised to play twice a week because it is fun, so we can get better, and get a little exercise in the process.

2. Wine. This has been one of my favorite things for a few months now, but I seriously can't get enough. My favorite to date is White about sinfully good.

3. Progress. Accomplishing things I have been working on make me feel awesome. I am slowly making my classroom my own after the teacher before me basically destroyed it. I am also losing a few pounds. I feel good that I am working towards a goal and when I accomplish those goals I get a warm and fuzzy feeling.

4. Snooze. The snooze on my alarm, I am sad to say, has become one of my favorite things over the last two weeks.

5. Days off. Although I did not have today off I am off Thursday. Something to look forward to.

Enjoy! Linking up with abby!


  1. Lambrusco is my favorite! I didn't realize there was a white Lambrusco, I must find that! If you get the chance visit The Biltmore Estates for a Wine Tasting, we did it on our honeymoon, and it was really neat!

  2. first of all, i want to start playing tennis again! (that was me whining). you have inspired me!

    second of all, i snooze a lot too. A LOT. i would tell you how many times i hit it every morning but i am too embarrassed.

  3. Well Kayla sets the alarm for 5:15 and gets out of bed anywhere from 5:30 on a good morning to 5:45. She builds 30 minutes of "snooze" into her morning schedule.

  4. i have 30 minutes of snooze too!!
    5:30 begin, 6:00 get out of bed.

  5. I'm with ya'll on the snooze issue. I hit press the snooze button exactly five times each morning. I'm glad to hear that other people do the same. :]
    Thanks for linking up, Kayla!