Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Favorite Things...(A day late)

So I was super busy yesterday and was not feeling that great so despite my best efforts, I did not get to post. So here goes my favorite things....

1. The coming move: We have bid on a house (via Josh's parents) and they have won the bid which means Josh and I will get to move into a beautiful and perfect house in a subdivision (and yes there is a pool). I will keep you posted and as long as closing goes ok we should be in it by summer or a little before. I am so excited. Here are some pictures of the house:

2. Cooking: cooking has become one of my favorite things. I am trying all these new recipes and ingredients and trying to make some of my favorite dishes a little bit healthier. I have been very successful in finding healthy dishes that my husband will enjoys as well. The result of this and continued exercise has resulted in losing 12 pounds which I am ecstatic about. Who wouldn't be happy?

Well until next time!


  1. I'm totally jealous of your new house! It has a beautiful kitchen. We are moving too, haha, when one of us does something all of us do...but its a bit of a different situation than y'alls. Still a god thing though. We are moving in June.

    I want some of your recipes. I need some new healthy ones!

  2. Back to Conyers, not far, but we will be closer to work and church. Is your new house in Dallas?

  3. yea only about two minutes from where we are now